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Journal:   CRIMINAL LAW DOCTRINES   spring-summer 2017 , Volume - , Number 13 #g00639; Page(s) 85 To 113.

The Political and Economic Obstacles of the Crime Social Prevention

Author(s):  Qomashi Saeed, Arefi Morteza
Social crime prevention is a strategy that in its current, simultaneously, with the recognition the basic social, economic and cultural rights of the citizens, prevention programs are enacted. This kind of prevention (which can be expressed the prevention through the social development) tries to produce social justice to prevent misdemeanor or felony. The occurrence of prevention has requirements and obstacles. Providing the basic rights such the right to engage in work, the right to adequate housing, the Right to Social Security, the right to education and etc. are of these requirements. But by contrast, the politicization of the concept of the crime prevention and the economic domination on the prevention policies are of obstacles. Hence, in the present day, by withdrawing from the Humanism approach in the political scope and taking notice of the Commercialization of Social Welfare in the economic scope, the officials make the possibility of the development of the social prevention strategies confront challenges.
Keyword(s): The political obstacles,The economic obstacles,The economic analysis,The politicization of the concept of the crime prevention
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