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Journal:   CRIMINAL LAW DOCTRINES   spring-summer 2018 , Volume - , Number 15 ; Page(s) 0 To 0.

Explaining Legal Standards for Police Stop and Inspections in Legal Systems in Iran, UK and America

Author(s):  Kooshki gholam hasan, Dowlatkhah Pashaki Peyman
stop and search is one of the important police powers in Iran, the United States and Britain's legal systems. The stop and search is an act involves searching persons, property and places with the aim of detecting crime, its evidence or preventing it. In the United Kingdom and the United States legal systems, the standard of reasonable suspicion is one of the criteria. Of course, in American law along with this criterion, it is also probable cause. In Iranian law, a judicial warrant and existing strong suspicion for search has been announced. In the England and United States legal systems it has been attempted to define the criteria tangibly and objectively, while there is no clear definition in the Iranian legal system. Explaining search and inspection criteria leads to transparency of the laws and guarantees individual rights and freedoms. This essay with descriptive and analytic aspect and with respect to documents, laws and relevant precedent, explain the common and difference points between these three legal systems.
Keyword(s): Strong suspicion,Reasonable suspicion,Probable cause,Stop,Search
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