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Journal:   CRIMINAL LAW DOCTRINES   spring-summer 2018 , Volume - , Number 15 ; Page(s) 0 To 0.

Human Dignity in Criminal Policy: The Strategy of Balancing between Security and Liberty

Author(s):  Foroughi Fazlollah, Sadeghi Muhammad Hadi, Akhavan Kazemi Bahram, Mirzaee Muhammad
relations between the two categories and concepts such as security and freedom and to explain relationship with each other, is the problem that in the criminal policy discourse is considered very important in terms of theoretical and practical, for the security and freedom of all sizes and lack of privacy violations, all the rights necessary in a democratic society people and are the ultimate goals of the policy criminal. On the other hand a great impact on the strategies that these two concepts in terms of form and content affect any criminal policy, review their relations, is inevitable. Common patterns and existing criminal policy with regard to interference between these concepts, often preferring one another, or to explain the theory of balance, have to relieve tension. So on the basis of political attention to these two concepts in the field of monitoring and crime, we're kind of criminal policy which is located between two types of security-oriented and freedom-centered and each with justification, reflecting their objectives, custodians and brokers. This article examines these two concepts in descriptive way and the Influence of the criminal policy, with an attitude based on human dignity, the dignity of systematic reading of the criminal policy offers that located at the end of two previous concept. Accordingly inalienable dignity as a set of rights and transfers, which measures axis and the other materials in the criminal policy; and originality will be considered and that an object is a balance between public interests and private interests, including security and freedom are formed and this pattern can be called “ criminal policy dignity Circuit” interpreted.
Keyword(s): Security,Freedom,Dignity,Criminal policy
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