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Journal:   EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF JUNDISHAPUR   2018 , Volume 9 , Number Supplement ; Page(s) 109 To 120.

Designing a university value model at the Ministry of the Interior

* Faculty of Management, Department of Management, Kharazmi University Tehran, Iran
The main purpose of this research is to design a university-valued university model in higher education in the country. The present research is based on the purpose of the applied and exploratory type. Also, in terms of data collection, this type of research is mixed. The statistical population of the research in the qualitative section consists of experts, experts, experts and key figures about the University of Worth to the number of 46 people. And also in the quantitative section, includes the staff, directors and deputies of higher education of the country (Ministry of Science, Research and Technology), whose number is 3856 people, based on the Cochran formula, 350 individuals were selected as samples. To collect data in this study, a combination method was used including semi-structured interview with open questionnaire and closed questionnaire. Collected data was analyzed through qualitative methods (theme analysis) and statistical methods as well as structural equation modeling technique. The results of this study showed that the values of the model of University of Science and Technology are divided into three levels: individual, organizational and social At the individual level, the components of the university are based on the value of the foundation, including science and awareness, the spirit of citation, virtuosity, creativity, interest in work, faith, insight, self-esteem, and happiness. At the organizational level, the components of the University's core values include altruism, respect for the competence of individuals, law and order, and consultation; finally, at the social level, the components of the University of Values include responsibility, positive thinking in society, sympathetic, social engagement, and social ethics.
Keyword(s): Valuations University,Individual Level Values,Organizational Level Values,Social Survey Values,and Ministry of Science
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