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Journal:   EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF JUNDISHAPUR   2018 , Volume 9 , Number Supplement #a00475; Page(s) 64 To 77.

Predicting academic self-efficacy based on attributional style and hardiness with the Meditation of academic self-concept in second grade students in Kangawer

Author(s):  Karami Moghadam Pari, Antesar Fomani GHolam Hossin*, HEJAZI MASOUD
* department of psychology and Educational Science, Zanjan Azad University, Zanjan, Iran
Individuals who perceive themselves as self-efficacious individuals make more time and effort in carrying out their work or activities, and exhibit greater sustainability in dealing with problems, and appear to be more exposed to confrontation they have more challenges and more success and achieve success in different dimensions. Aim of this research was predicting academic self-efficacy Based on attributional style and hardiness with the Meditation of academic self-concept in secondary school students of Kangawer. The research method was descriptive and the design was correlation of the kind of structural equation modeling. The statistical population consisted of all secondary school students of Kangawer in 1396-97 academic years and 330 of whom were selected through stratified random sampling and cocranꞌ s formula. Data was collected by academic Self-efficacy of Mijili and colleagues Questionnaire (2000), attributional style Seligman et al. (1983) Questionnaire, academic Self-Concept Yessen Chen's Questionnaire (2004) and Psychological Hardiness of Ahwaz Questionnaire (1377). The data were statistically analyzed using AMOS. The result showed that attributional style and hardiness directly predictive of academic self-efficacy. Academic self-concept has partially mediating role among academic self-efficacy and attributional style but not verified mediating role among academic self-efficacy and Negative Internal and lasting Positive attributional style. The result showed that the research conceptual model fits the collected data and the path coefficient between variables is significant at a level of 0. 05.
Keyword(s): self-efficacy,attributional style,hardiness,self-concept
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