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Journal:   URBAN MANAGEMENT STUDIES   summer 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 34 #g00638; Page(s) 1 To 12.

An investigation into life quality by emphasizing urban management: a case study in Islam abad gharb

* University of Isfahan, Iran
Introduction: the current urban management is not only limited to items such as planning, services, management, culture, local, construction projects, and not. The orientation activities, and urban perspective of the city in order to achieve the quality of life of fits and urban sustainable development is necessary, all the way up it is essential The aim of this study was to assess the quality of life in the city, with an emphasis on the performance of urban management. research method: Research method type-analytical-survey-based questionnaire is the statistical population of the study includes the population of the city of Islamabad West, according to the census in 1390 the number 94699 people are in order to determine the number of samples benefiting from the Cochran formula, the number of 382 people for random sampling class have been selected. In order to analyze the data resulting from the operation field from the two methods, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics (methods, path analysis with the software Amos) have been used. Findings: The results indicate that financial resources have the greatest impact on the performance of urban management. Also, the coefficient of performance impact of urban management on the economic dimension 0. 36, on the social dimension of 0. 29, on the day of the formation, 0. 44, and on the day, environmental, 0. 51. The performance of urban management on their quality of life (dimensions, economic, social, physical and environmental) 0. 25 impact. And due to the amount of significant level of total assumptions (p) from the 05/0 less, and the amount of criticaln (cr), more of the acceptable range, i. e. 96/1. Conclusion: it can be claimed that all of the assumptions, research, confirming it and finally the most important component of affect urban management in increasing the quality of life in the city, the dimensions of the environment, physical and economic.
Keyword(s): quality of life the performance of urban management in.the city of Islamabad West,structural equation modeling
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