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Journal:   URBAN MANAGEMENT STUDIES   summer 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 34 #g00638; Page(s) 13 To 26.

Identification of Effective Components on Increasing the Survival Rate of Vulnerable and Elderly Weaved Municipalities in the Event of Natural Disasters (Case Study: Tehran)

Author(s):  MONAVVARIAN ABBAS, Amiry Mojtaba, Mehrikoli Simin*
* Tehran University College of Management
Introduction and Objective: Natural hazards, due to their intense and short-period impact on urban communities and districts, have become a main concern for urban planners and managers in recent years. Therefore, social empowerment of the residents will play an effective role in reducing [natural hazards'] dangers Method: The method used in this survey is theme analysis and it has been done by taking semi-structured interviews using non-probability sampling (snowball) method Findings: The factors identified in this survey, each of them can have an effect on social sustainability and increase its level, are as follows: social security, raising [people’ s] awareness and knowledge through education, social belonging, social contribution, social capital, religious beliefs, social support. Conclusion: A city resilient and resilient to urban disasters that its inhabitants, based on their capacities and resources, participate in city decisions and plans in coherence with city executives and municipalities. It is a city whose risks have been identified, and the planning and appropriate measures for Protection and protection of people's lives and property, cultural heritage and social capital. It is a city that is able to organize its affairs in the foreground, during and after the crisis, to allocate the necessary resources and at all levels of citizen's awareness to reduce urban hazards. By strengthening communication between people and institutions, promoting popular participation in urban planning and urban planning and crisis management and urban management plans, training, creating and maintaining social security, social capital perceived by the public in promoting and increasing the amount of fluctuation The social value of the studied neighborhoods plays an important role.
Keyword(s): Resilience,Social Resiliency,Worn-out Texture,Vulnerability
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