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Journal:   URBAN MANAGEMENT STUDIES   summer 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 34 #g00638; Page(s) 27 To 44.

Urban Crisis Management and Population Emergency Evacuation in Schools of Isfahan Educational Secondary District

* University of Isfahan
Introduction and aim of research: the aims of this paper are the assessment of Isfahan educational secondary district schools in resistance process (resilient and flexible) on probable disaster and having main managerial indicator in planning and management of disaster and Population Emergency Evacuation. Research method: research method in the paper is Field work and analysis. Classification, computing and charting in SPSS and by mathematical formula after the survey of statistical society and collecting data from field on five months. Finally, the analysis of data has been written and maps were prepared by Arc GIS. Results: Reviewed schools are not in suitable situation due to the fundamental indicators and therefore are very vulnerable in disaster event. In ten fundamental indicators, only population distribution and heating systems are appropriate and the eight indicators are not appropriate. Among the 121 schools, just 33 schools have management standards and 109 schools have nothing standards. Even management standards of 33 schools have not enough rates. In ten management indicators, the benefit rates of seven indicators are medium, inappropriate and critical. Conclusions: Results of research show that resilience of school in Isfahan educational secondary districts due to fundamental indicators is low. On the other hand, benefit rates of management indicators is also weak and this weakness has severely damaged them in potential disasters. Eventually, the situation of schools in statistical society is inappropriate, vulnerable and critical due to integrated indicator (two fundamental and management indicators).
Keyword(s): Crisis management,Emergency Evacuation,Schools,resistance process,Isfahan
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