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Journal:   EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF JUNDISHAPUR   2018 , Volume 9 , Number Supplement ; Page(s) 32 To 48.

Investigating the rate of application of effective factors of university organization in educational system of Islamic Azad University and presenting model

Author(s):  Emami Nejad Masoud, Sattari Sadruddin*, RASTGOO AZAM
* Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Ardabil Azad University, Ardabil, Iran
The present study was conducted to investigate the effective factors of corporate university campuses and the extent of their application in the education system of Islamic Azad University of west of Guilan province and presenting a corporate university model. The research method was qualitative and quantitative. The statistical population in the qualitative section consists of heads, deputies, faculty directors and faculty members, and in the small part of the statistical society, faculty members of Azad University of west of Guilan. For sampling in the qualitative section, a targeted sampling method was used and in the small part, a stratified random sampling method was used. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze the data., The results of the research in the qualitative section indicated that the creation of corporate university campus in academic units had 9 main factors and 19 sub factors. In the quantitative part of the research, the findings showed that among the internal factors of knowledge systems with the highest standard coefficient of 77% and among external factors, the factor with the highest standard factor of 78% is the most influential factor in the corporate university. The results of the quantitative and qualitative research showed that all the effective factors of the corporate university in Educational systems are not used and are weak applied. The final model of the research was approved with fitting indexes and standard coefficients.
Keyword(s): corporate university,education system,Intra organizational factors,External organizational factors,Islamic Azad University
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