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Journal:   EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF JUNDISHAPUR   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 4 ; Page(s) 296 To 310.

Presentation of the Indigenous Model of Knowledge Commercialization in the Health Field in Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Author(s):  Korpi Masoumeh, Nazem Fatah*, Karimzadeh Samad
* Department of Education, Roudehen Azad University, Roudehen Iran
The main objective of this research is "Provide a native model of knowledge commercialization in the field of health at the University of Medical Sciences in Tehran". The statistical population of the research includes academic experts and experts consisting of managers, experts, custodians and consultants in the field of knowledge commercialization in the field of health of medical universities of Tehran in which the information gathering has been continued until saturation, as well as for sample size selection In this paper, based on the opinions of 18 experts and the systematic approach of Strauss and Corbin in three stages of open, axial and selective coding, 72 concepts and 15 categories have been extracted. Among them, the commercialization of knowledge in the field of health as the central category and the other 14 components of the data theory theory data base Formed. The proposed comprehensive model proposed in the second stage was tested and analyzed using SPSS 20, Lisrel8. 8 and SmartPLS. 03 software and the results of the findings indicate that all the variables considered in the form of the abovementioned levels as variables Which should be considered in the design of the optimal model, has been approved. Also, given that the absolute value of the t-value for all relationships between the variables was larger than the critical value of 1. 96 and all factor loads in a standard state greater than 0. 3, then none of the relationships was rejected and all the validation variables and relationships Became So, the original model of the research was finally confirmed.
Keyword(s): Commercialization,Health Knowledge Commercialization,Template Design,Foundation Theory Theory
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