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Journal:   EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF JUNDISHAPUR   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 4 ; Page(s) 269 To 282.

Study on Using, Awareness and Satisfaction rate of Scientific Database and related factors by students at Mazandaran University of Medical Science

Author(s):  Riahi Aref*, Razavi Ali Asghar, Ramzanpour Ali Mohammad
* Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
Scientific Databases are the most important authentic information resources in Academic community, and it can play determinative role in different aims and goals of student. Hence, this study aimed to determine the rate of using, awareness and satisfaction of scientific database among student of Mazandaran University of Medical Science. This Applied-Survey study was performed during 2016-2017 educational period.-The researcher-made questionnaire according to review the internal and external resources about the subject (in 6sections) was utilized and its reliability and validity were approved. Then, it was distributed among 238 Students of Mazandaran Medical Science University (Master, PhD, Doctors and Medical residents). To analyze data, Descriptive Statistics, Statistical Test and SPSS 16 were used. According to findings, most student employed Scientific Database because of Clinical Activities (average of 4. 27). Also results indicated that most familiarity rate of students with Database were ISI (average of 4. 43), and they used PubMed more than other Database (4. 30). The highest satisfaction rate of database was ISI (4. 28), although “ Unfamiliarity with the English language was mentioned as the most barrier related to the Use of Scientific Database. In conclusion, Rate of Using, Awareness and Satisfaction of Scientific Database among student of Mazandaran Medical Science University were more than average and nearly high level. By planning suitable policies and also removing barriers and challenges, administers can provide better conditions for students using scientific database and create cause of Scientific and professional developments.
Keyword(s): Information Resource,Online Database,Scientific Database,Student,Medical Science University,Mazandaran
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