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Journal:   GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL OF TERRITORY   Summer 2018 , Volume 15 , Number 58 ; Page(s) 115 To 128.

The role of urban management while emphasizing on the role of municipality in the environment permanency (Case Study: Area Number 2, Ahvaz City)

Author(s):  Safaei Poor Masood, AZADBAKHT MARYAM*
* Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran
This research aims to study the performance of municipality and its effect on the urban living environment permanency of area number 2, of Ahvaz. The sample size (N=97458) was maintained as 384 people using the Morgan table. To determine the questionnaire coastal in this paper, we used the Kronbach Alpha and the coastal coefficient was 0/84. To examine the theories, we applied the average comparison test. The results showed that the average performance of Ahvaz municipality in area number 2 regarding the urban living environment permanency was rated 3/56 with the scale deviance of 1/68. The average comparison test results show that the meaningfulness stages of all the scales were below 0/05. Then, to rate the role of municipality in improving these 8 indexes, we used the Topsis model. And with the use of prioritizing that we got by applying the Topsis model, the green areas, soil, and sonic indexes with the average priority coefficient of 0. 50 were the highest scales affecting the role of urban management, while the sewage index with the coefficient rate of 0. 25 and Transportation, polluting jobs and water pollution with the coefficient rate of 0. 08 in priority followed as the average and lowest scales, respectively.
Keyword(s): Urban Management,Living environment permanency,Average comparison,Area number 2 of Ahvaz City
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