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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CULTURAL MANAGEMENT   spring-summer 2017 , Volume 11 , Number 35-36 #m00567; Page(s) 71 To 88.

Investigation of organizational agility in 22 districts of in the municipality of Tehran

* Department of Health Services Management, North Tehran Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Background: In this dynamic environment of organization, the importance of using appropriate methods for facing with changes is important. One of the best ways to deal with environmental changes, leading to the organization to be agile. The aim of this study was to evaluate the organizational agility in the municipality of Tehran (22 districts) Methodology: This applied research is descriptive-survey. 377-person sample of the population of Tehran Municipality staff (22 districts) with multi-stage sampling (cluster and systematic) were collected. Data collected by using standard questionnaires (organizational agility) analyzed by spss tests such as single-sample t-test and Friedman test and descriptive parameters such as mean and median were analyzed. Finding: Research findings indicate that organizational agility of organizations surveyed is in relatively good and in terms of ranking and prioritizing the importance of organizational agility indicators, merit is the highest priority. Result: It is necessary for managers to identify changes in environment and facing with changes by using proper policy and preparing organization for agile.
Keyword(s): Organizational agility,municipalities,competence,speed,flexibility,responsiveness
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