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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CULTURAL MANAGEMENT   spring-summer 2017 , Volume 11 , Number 35-36 #m00567; Page(s) 53 To 70.

Factors affecting on the effectiveness increasing of sacrifice and martyrdom culture promotion procedures

Author(s):  Shahnourozi Mehdi, ISMAEILI Reza*, Parastegari Soheila, IMAMJOMEZADE SAYED JAVAD
* Department of Cultural Affairs, Khorasgan Azad University, Isfahan, Iran
Background and Objectives: This study aimed to identify the effective factors and components on the ways of promoting the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom. Methods: in the combined method (qualitative and quantitative). The research community consisted of experts in the qualitative part that information of 32 people collected to saturated limit through semi-structured interviews and classified using thematic analysis. In the second part, population, about 500 people, were experts and executives of the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom in Isfahan. 200 people were purposefully selected as the sample size and the questionnaires were distributed. In the qualitative part, interview was the collection tools and in the qualitative phase was researcher-made questionnaire based on qualitative part. Findings: The results showed that the quality of the promoting works of sacrifice and martyrdom culture (89/3 percent) had the highest average of severity of impact among the effective components with 4/3 and realism in manufacturing and attention to products for kids and adolescents and enjoying the art and evolution and creativity in the practices, followed in the ranks. Conclusion: The research indicated that cultural factors had the highest impact in the effectiveness promoting of sacrifice and martyrdom culture with 77percent and 4/07 impact average, both collectively and in comparison with other factors.
Keyword(s): effectiveness,sacrifice,martyrdom,sacrifice and martyrdom culture
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