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Journal:   BAGH-E NAZAR   june 2019 , Volume 16 , Number 72 #f00631; Page(s) 47 To 58.

Landscape Planning Based on Microclimate With The Aim of Reducing Air Pollutants in Metropolises* (Case Study: District 22 of Tehran)

Author(s):  Shariatmadari Ehsan*, SENEMARI MOHAMMAD MEHDI, MEDI HOSSEIN, Mehrabanigolzar Mohamadreza
* IKIU, Qazvin, Iran
Problem statement: Reducing Tehran’ s air pollution includes two general approaches. Firstly, it considers reducing pollution devices, which create and distribute pollutions in districts; Secondly, it emphasize the reduction of pollution rate through suction methods and transforming them naturally. It means that not only we can reduce the rate of air pollution by finding suitable solutions, but also we can adopt some policies to produce and distribute fresh air, which consequently leads to mental and physical health of the citizenry. Research Purpose: The goal of this study is to find strategies in the planning field and designing landscape so that we can reduce air pollution and reproduce fresh air. Research question: This study tries to answer this question that “ How can we use landscape planning for reproducing climate wisdom in order to reduce air pollution? ” Research method: The present study is qualitative. It has considered explanations of principles and designing patterns of sustainable landscape architecture by the content analysis methods and has evaluated similar samples and extracted pros and cons. Conclusion: It seems that creating climate wisdom in district 22 of Tehran can reduce Thermal Island phenomenon and consequently, it can choose to reduce air pollution. The research results showed that by reducing the thermal island intensity through improving some urban landscape elements, it would be possible to obtain a healthy environment by reducing harmful pollutions and its effects on human health.
Keyword(s): Landscape,Environment,Green space,Urban district,Thermal island,Air pollution
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