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Journal:   BAGH-E NAZAR   june 2019 , Volume 16 , Number 72 #f00631; Page(s) 5 To 22.

Analysis of the Formal Features of Chaharsofe Houses and its Influence on the Formal Structure of Introverted Houses in the City of Isfahan

* Department of Architecture, Najafabad Azad University, Iran
Problem statement: Chaharsofe houses are considered to be one of the most valuable architectural buildings of Iran, such that some researchers consider the design of some monuments with different functions during the Islamic era to be derived from the Chaharsofe houses. Understanding the features of Chaharsofe houses will help maintaining and restoring these valuable buildings and will play an important role in identifying the influential characteristics in the formation of the spaces of the historical houses. Research Purpose: This research is based on the fact that the characteristics of Chaharsofe houses have played a significant role in the micro and macro structures of the introverted historical houses. This research seeks to recognize the formal features of the texture of Chaharsofe houses and, accordingly, to analyze the formal features of the texture of the historic houses built in the city of Isfahan. Research method: In this regard, this research explores the formal features of a recurring form in Chaharsofe houses for the first time and reveals their impact on the emergence of the plan of introverted houses spaces. In general, this research will be conducted to characterize the components of Chaharsofe houses and how they were used in the residential buildings constructed in the following periods. The research method used in this research is comparative, historical, and interpretive whose interpretation has been done inductively; the applied tools include collecting information with a library method, field method, and conducting structured interviews with experts and professors. The present research seeks to reveal the recurring formal features of Chaharsofe houses in creating the spaces in the plan of Isfahan’ s introverted houses. Conclusion: The results showed that the characteristics of Chaharsofe houses on micro and macro scale have a significant role in the formation of the spaces in the plan of the introverted houses.
Keyword(s): Chaharsofe houses,Introverted houses,Formal features of Iranian.houses,The city of Isfahan
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