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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CULTURAL MANAGEMENT   fall 2017 , Volume 11 , Number 37 ; Page(s) 99 To 108.

Identification of Cultural Influence Factors in Individuals' Tendency to New Type of Couples Life (Couple)

Author(s):  Afrashteh Mehri, FARMANFARMAEE TOKTAM*
* Department of Cultural Management, North Tehran Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Introduction and ppurpose of the Research: In our country, always there has been positive attitude toward the family and it (the family) has been considered as a basic unit of society, but unfortunately in the today's society, the family has been involved in a conceptual change. Therefore, as for the mentioned problems, the present study intends to identify the factors of the cultural penetration in individual’ s orientation to the new type of couples' life (cohabitation) from the perspective of cultural theories. The studied population in this research, is composed of men and women in Tehran city who have experienced and is composed of a unlimited population in Tehran city. Methods: The research method is descriptive-survey. Since cohabitation in Iran is a crime, identifying cohabitants has been hardly done, for this reason, through purposive sampling, was interviewed with 30 respondents (sample size = 25 respondents) who has experienced cohabitation. Foundings: In order to identifying effective factors on cohabitation, firstly was done deph interview with 7 respondents and after identifying the effective factors, was designed a questionnaire. This questionnaire that was composed of a number of closed questions, and attained its validity and reliability, was distributed among men and women who had experienced cohabitation. With the use of SPSS software, was analyzed the questionnaires data. Whereas distribution of the data was normal, has been used of parametric t-Tests. Conclusions: As for identifying the factors of cultural penetration among men and women who have tendency to cohabitation; cultural, economic, and social changes and mass media was recognized as the cultural penetration factors.
Keyword(s): Cultural Penetration,Economic Changes,Social Changes,Cultural Changes,the Global Media
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