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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC POLICY IN MANAGEMENT   summer 2018 , Volume 9 , Number 30 ; Page(s) 61 To 78.

Surveying Multilevel Organizational Learning Mechanisms Influencing the Small and Medium Enterprises’ Policy-Making in Tehran Province

Author(s):  navabi zand Kambiz, Kaffashpoor Azar*, NAZEMI SHAMSODIN, MALEKZADEH GHOLAMREZA
* Department of Management. Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. Mashhad, Iran
Background: the biggest concern of the upcoming years for the organizations, disregarding the survival and profitability, will be the creation of grounds for learning and putting the learnt materials into effect and designing and implementing multilevel learning patterns can be of a great importance in line with policy-making efforts. Objective: the present study has been carried out with the objective of surveying the multilevel organizational learning mechanism effective on the small to medium-sized enterprises’ policy-making activities in Tehran. Methods: the current research paper has been conducted based on a qualitative-heuristic method. A three-stage approach will be utilized to identify the multilevel organizational learning processes and mechanisms. The first stage studies the scope of the literature existent on the subject and puts forth 48 codes (organizational learning mechanism). The second stage enters the real environment between 10454 small and medium-sized enterprises in Tehran to identify the organizational learning mechanisms. Due to the same reason, a questionnaire containing 55 questions was administered to 371 samples selected in a randomized manner and their information was collected. In a third stage, the learning mechanisms applied by these enterprises were identified and investigated through referring to them and evaluating their documents and papers and performing interviews with the managers and elites therein. Eventually, the final model of multilevel organizational learning mechanism was obtained through blending the three previous approaches. Findings: based on the results, there were identified herein in discovery and intuition stage, interpretation stage and blending stage 41 mechanisms within the format of four topics, 20 mechanisms within the format of three topics and 9 mechanisms within the format of two topics, respectively. In the end, 16 mechanisms were placed within the format of three primary topics in the final institutionalization stage. Conclusion: the results of the present paper can enhance the researchers and managers’ awareness of the organizational learning mechanisms that can per se contribute to the policy-making process.
Keyword(s): Organizational Learning,Multilevel Organizational Learning Mechanisms,Organizational learning mechanism
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