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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CULTURAL MANAGEMENT   fall 2017 , Volume 11 , Number 37 ; Page(s) 1 To 16.

Effect of Organizational Silence on Employees’ Performance According to Mediating Role of Organizational Culture

Author(s):  Rajabi Farjad Hajia*, Rezaei Somayeh
* Department of human resource management, Amin Police University
Introduction and purpose of the Research: organizational culture, identifies the social identity of each organization and many of organizations have realized this obvious conundrum that most employees know the facts in relation to organizational issues and problems, but don’ t dare to express this facts. In fact, organizational silence is a non-efficient process that eliminates all organizational efforts. Current study is conducted to investigate the effect of organizational silence on employee performance considering the mediating role of organizational culture of the headquarters of the University of medical Science and Health Services in Iran. Methods: Research method based on the goal was Applica tonal and descriptive one. The statistical universe of this research which included all employees in headquarters of the University of Medical Sciences and health services in Iran, were 214 persons which among them, using Cochran's formula and simple random sampling method, 138 individuals were considered as the sample size. Data were collected using Van Dyne et al. (2003) standard 15-question questionnaire study for organizational silence, Denison (2000) fifty-question questionnaire of organizational culture and 40 questions to measure the performance of employees based on the standard Hersi & Goldsmith (2005) questionnaire. Reliability of this questionnaire using Cronbach's Alpha for all dimensions of the questionnaire was more than 0. 7 which showed the good reliability of research tools. In order to calculate the validity, construct validity is used and the results indicated validity of the tools (AVE> 0. 5). Foundings: Data analysis was done using the structural equations modeling method. The results of the research indicate to the suitable fitness of conceptual model, based on the indices of acceptable and significant values of consistency coefficients, factor loads, explained variance and index of GOF. Conclusions: The results of the research showed that organizational science, with intermediating of the organizational culture on performance of the staff, influences meaningfully and is negative. Value of non-direct severity of the impact through the variable of mediating organizational culture with the use of the VAF index, was-0. 426. Also, the effect of organizational silence on organizational culture, negatively and culture on employee performance, positive and meaningful, has been confirmed.
Keyword(s): sustainability,engagement in work,compatibility,organizational silence,employee performance,organizational culture,mission
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