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Journal:   NEGAREH   winter 2018 , Volume 12 , Number 44 ; Page(s) 147 To 161.

Study of the Images of “ Tashrih Al-abdan” Medical Manuscripts

Author(s):  MOBINI MAHTAB*, Esmaili Sheida
The objective of this study is to evaluate the images in “ Tashrih Al-abdan” medical manuscripts by Ibn Elias Shiraziwho have used figurative drawing to depict various body organs that have been rarely mentioned in researches. Being intrepidly simple, the images present innovations that have no similar example in the eighth century AH. The aim of this study is to introduce and review the images in the book, the origins of these images and analysis of the figures that are stimulating in terms of proportions, simple sketching, realism, and so on. In this context, the following questions arise: Where are the roots of these images? Do these images have aesthetical aspects, and were they influenced by their contemporaneous artistic principles? In this study, descriptiveanalytical and library research methods were used to collect information. This paper studies the roots of these images with three assumptions: 1. the ancient Iran (influenced by Manichaean manuscripts) 2. Greece (which has been at the forefront of medical science) 3. Central Asia (China and Mongolia, the Mongol reign in Iran and the resemblance of these images to the Chinese ones). But regarding the aesthetical elements, the results show that the use of perspective on rank, drawing on color and changing theposition of elements, has helped classification of body parts. Also using the element of imagination and sometimes writing, induce the feeling of mobility. The artist has crossed dominant social and artistic lines of his time through examination of a new method and has helped the scientific expression while maintaining the element of imagination.
Keyword(s): Medical Manuscript,Tashrih Al-abdan,TashrihMansouri,Islamic Period,Anatomy,Art in Medicine
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