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Journal:   NEGAREH   winter 2018 , Volume 12 , Number 44 ; Page(s) 113 To 129.

Manifestation of the Concept of Sacredness in the Juxtaposition of Calligraphy and Islamic Inscription

Islamic calligraphy is an epiphany with the mission to express celestial concepts derived from the divine revelation in a material and earthly way; so that the principles governing its form reveal the spiritual truth of unity within multiplicity, and the heavenly words and phrases originated from the holy book and Sunnah narrate the eternal truths. This type of art which is a medium for manifestation of the sacred also has a sacred character itself. Inscription because of its confluence with calligraphy and its potential for manifesting the spiritual and divine notions has benefited from this sacred intuition. The aim of this research is the theoretical investigation of the parameters related to this issue. Its method is descriptive-analytical, in which through library and field studies, it is attempted to enumerate the characteristics of the sacred in the cryptic letters of calligraphy and to explain the necessity and method of the possible transmission of this sacred character from calligraphy to Islamic inscription with an emphasis on the inscription samples of Shiraz Vakil mosque.
Keyword(s): Sacredness,Islamic Calligraphy,Cryptic Form of Letters,Inscription
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