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Journal:   NEGAREH   winter 2018 , Volume 12 , Number 44 #f00630; Page(s) 71 To 83.

AComparative Study of Battle ClothingBased on Paintings of Manuscripts in the Schools of Herat and Tabriz

Author(s):  ZAREI MOHAMMAD EBRAHIM, Dolati Maryam
One of the investigable issues about the study of miniature paintings is type of cloths which is different due to the subject of miniature painting and political, cultural and social aspects in any period of time. The aim of this research is conducting a comparative study of battle clothingbased on illustrations of the manuscripts in the Herat and Tabriz schools and evolutionof battle clothingin these schools through introduction of cloths that have been depicted in the battle illustrations. So the questions are: 1. how battle clothes have been displayed in manuscripts in Herat and Tabriz schools, and is reconstruction of this type of clothing possible? 2. Based on the study of the illustrations, how have the battle clothes in the mentioned schools changed? The findings suggest that artists have shown a reflection of reality of society in illustrations, so we can reconstruct battle clothes in illustrations of the Herat and Tabriz schools along with referenceto texts. On the other hand, study of mentioned illustrations demonstrated evolution of battle clothes at any period and provided the possibility for their hierarchical study. Current study is a historical research with a comparative-analytical approach and the required date were collected via library sources.
Keyword(s): Miniature Painting,Battle Clothing,Herat School,Tabriz School,Comparative Study
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