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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC POLICY IN MANAGEMENT   fall 2018 , Volume 9 , Number 31 #l00547; Page(s) 55 To 66.

Canonical Analysis of the Relationship Between Organizational Health and Organizational Commitment Among the Employees of Islamic Azad University, Tehran Medical Branch

* Young Researchers and Elites club, Science and Research Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Backgrounds and Objectives: Organizations that have the organizational health (OH), human resources are committed and conscientiousness and staff have a high morale and performance. Thus the current study implemented to investigate the relationship between (OH) and organizational commitment (OC) among the employees of Islamic Azad University, Tehran Medical Branch. Methods: This research implemented in the gauging method among the 130 cases (as the samples) from 230 Non-faculty staff of Islamic Azad University, Tehran Medical Branch. For data gathering, Meyer & Allen's Organizational Commitment Standardized Questionnaire and OHI Organizational Health Questionnaire (Miles) are used. The collected data were analyzed by using Pearson correlation, multiple regression and Canonical correlation analysis. Findings: Findings show that there is a significant relationship between (OC) and all levels and components of health. Structuring dimension with correlation coefficient of 0. 484 among other aspects of (OH) is highly correlated with (OC). Canonical correlation analysis results also show that there is an interpretable and confirmable focal set in which considerateness and affective commitments are most relevant to this point. Conclusion: the results of this study confirm the relationship between (OC & OH) and also significant impact of (oh) on (OC) among the employees of Islamic Azad University, and indicates that in the staff viewpoint on (OH), organizational consideration and behavior are more influential than any other subject. On the other side, they believe that the type of emotional relationship with their organization is the most important factor of organizational commitment.
Keyword(s): Organizational Commitment,Organizational Health,Islamic Azad University,Tehran Medical Branch
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