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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECONOMICS   fall 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 22 #r00450; Page(s) 23 To 34.

Examine the Impact of Economic Corruption on Developing Countries’ Industrial Exports

Author(s):  baghbanpour Javad*, RAHMANI TEYMUR, Laysi Zaynab, Ahmadi Senobari Fatemeh
* University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Due to economists’ opinion, economic corruption can negatively affect the export of industrial goods as an engine of economic growth via increasing production costs, reducing innovation and competition, reducing human capital and increasing barriers to trade. In this paper, the impact of corruption on the export of industrial goods of 53 developing countries with high and low inflation has been studied by employed two models DOLS and FMOLS, over the period of 1995 to 2014. In the short-run, for the developing countries with high and low inflation, economic corruption and inflation have negative impacts on the industrial exports, and the economy’ s degree of openness, accumulation of capital (only for countries with low inflation) and human capital have significant and positive relationships with them. The long-run estimated results are similar to the short-run results for the two mentioned groups of countries, except that the human capital is not significant for the countries with low inflation. In addition, the amount of influence of corruption and inflation on the industrial exports of the developing countries with high inflation are more than them with low inflation, it indicates that inflation accompanies corruption and declining industrial exports.
Keyword(s): Corruption,Industrial Exports,Human Capital,Government Expenditures
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