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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC POLICY IN MANAGEMENT   winter 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 28 ; Page(s) 83 To 93.

Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing within Supply Chain (Case Study: Khorasan Electricity Supply Chain)

Author(s):  KHAYATMOGHADAM SAEED, taheri lari masuod, OLIAEE LEILA*
* Khorasan Regional Electricity Company, Mashhad, Iran
Background – considering that the effective sharing of knowledge is an important way to improve the operational efficiency of the supply chain, studying of influencing factors on knowledge sharing in supply chain is necessary but very little investigations have been done about it. Purpose – This research aims to identify the factors affecting knowledge sharing in the supply chain. Methodology – The research methodology is exploratory mixed. The statistical population of the research comprises all the managers of Khorasan Electricity Supply Chain (461 people). 215 of them have been selected as samples, using Stratified Random Sampling. The collected data were analyzed using Microsoft Excel, SPSS, Statistica10, Z Test and Student-T Test. Findings – Based on the results, a conceptual model has been developed on the basis of 8 elements and related theories. The results of the model test showed that organizational attitude toward KS factor has the highest average in Khorasan Electricity Supply Chain and inter-organizational trust factor the lowest average. Conclusion – The study will contribute to improve understanding on the key factors affecting knowledge sharing in supply chain.
Keyword(s): Knowledge sharing,Supply chain,Inter-organizational Trust Factor
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