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Journal:   WATERSHED ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT   2019 , Volume 11 , Number 1 #g00636; Page(s) 180 To 192.

Homogenization of watersheds with an integrated approach GIS and multivariate statistical analysis, case study: Karoon Watershed

* Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Hormozgan University, Iran
Homogeneous sub watershed Are useful for comparison and better understanding of the complex structure of watershed and thereby facilitating the development and management approaches specific to each class to deal with the destructive phenomena such as soil erosion, drought and flood. In this study, the database contains 6 groups of information such as climatic and socio-economic, topography, soil, water, remote sensing were studied. These Factors converted to raster and then the pixel data converted to text data (ASCII). So matrix was produced with dimensions of 27 * 147 506. Eigenvalues and the variance associated with each factor showed that 6 first component includes a total of 83. 27% of the changes. In order to select the optimal number of clusters and clustering evaluation and validation of the method, hierarchical clustering and discriminant analysis and clustering using k-mean cluster of the data was performed. Karoon Sub watersheds were classified into 16 groups. The discriminant analysis was used to validate the clustering. Based on the euclidean distance between cluster centers, two clusters 7 and 12 were classified as the most different clusters, and the two clusters 6 and 14 were classified as the most similar clusters. The mean comparison test of homogenous regions shows that in some cases, both regions are similar in terms of climate and topography, but socio-economic variables cause differentiation. Separation of homogenous regions allows for comparison and identification of similar areas as working units and prioritization of them to carry out the study and implementation plans to deal with destructive phenomena such as desertification, soil erosion, drought and flooding.
Keyword(s): Watershed Management,Desertification,Factor Analysis,Cluster analysis,Land degradation
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