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Journal:   INFORMATION SYSTEMS & SERVICES   winter-spring 2017 , Volume 6 , Number 1-2 (21-22) ; Page(s) 81 To 89.

The Study Librarians’ organizational self Image of AllamehTabataba’ i University Libraries

Author(s):  Hajihasani Mahnaz*, Babolhavaeji Fahimeh, Hariri Nadjla
* Science and Research Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Purpose: The present study was conducted to investigate the understanding of organizational self image of the librarians of Allameh Tabataba’ i University library services. Methodology: This study is an alytical survey. Participants of this study were 49 librarians of Allameh Tabataba’ i University (ATU). Data was collected through the researcher-made questionnaire based on Lee Blang & Negvin organizational self image model. The validity of the questionnaire was content validity and its reliability was estimated through using Cronbach’ s alpha. The obtained reliability was %78. Results: Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and one sample T test. SPSS software was used to analyze data. The average self image of librarians was 3. 38. The average of librarians self image in respect to identity, fame, service quality, physical environment, and staff behavior are 3. 38, 3. 52, 3. 29, 3. 26, 3. 86 respectively. Findings showed that the librarian’ s understandinf of organizational self image of the university is in a favorable situation.
Keyword(s): Allameh Tabataba’i university,University libraries,Librarians,LeBlandc model,Organizational self image
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