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Journal:   JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLITICS   summer 2018 , Volume 14 , Number 36 ; Page(s) 11 To 28.

Analysis of social security commission and security counsel in the structure of principle of legality of crime and punishment

* faculty of Law, Central Branch Azad University, Tehran, Iran
The idea of dealing with dangerous and wicked people has long been considered in society. Before the formation of the general justice, this collision was private and was embodied in the form of revenge or collective responsibility. In the aftermath of the formation of the general justice, how to deal with such people has been the mainstream of criminal law. The emergence and consolidation of the principle of the legality of crime, punishment and proceedings has, to a large extent, limited the community to deal with such individuals and the dominant power has been to act within the framework of this principle. The positive movement with the concept of dangerous persons and the proposal to establish a commission for the identification of dangerous persons has sought to derogate from the principle of the mentioned principle. Approval of the law on the intensification of the punishment of wicked people and the draft law on the protection of social security and the law of security measures and the establishment of the Provincial and City Security Council should also be assessed in this regard. This article considering articles 36 and 176 reviews the status of social security commission and social council from beginning till now in the structure of principle of legality of crime and punishment in the Iranian criminal law.
Keyword(s): Social Security Commission,Security Council,wicked,Dangerous
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