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Journal:   INFORMATION SYSTEMS & SERVICES   winter-spring 2017 , Volume 6 , Number 1-2 (21-22) #f00629; Page(s) 67 To 80.

Scientometrics, models & patterns of measure the study per capita in Iran

Author(s):  Omidali Ghasem*, Nourmohammadi Hamzehali
* shahed university, Department of Knowledge and Information Science/ Faculty of Humanities Science, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran
Objective: This research aims to identify and analyze of standards, criteria and indicators to assess and measure the study's per capita based on documentary studies and consensus of experts that conducted the areas of study. Methodology: Survey and documentary study was used in this research. Also, parts of the research, based on the literature, has studied indicators used to calculate per capita. Information needed for this study was obtained by taking notes from sources that are generally related to the study. The Delphi method was used in this research. In the Delphi method, including common tools for collecting data, a questionnaire is used to gather experts ideas collect information and fulfil research needs. The statistical society was consisted of 10 experts. The main factor in choosing the sample has been known as being exports study, having essays written, experience in management and per capita or being member of measurement committee of per capita studying. Results: In the first round of questioning, 87 indicators were collected; 5 indicators about definitions, 5 indicators of reading non-school and school (education) and 2 indicators studies with the use of career resources index, 7 indicators of a book material (book, magazines and newspapers), 11 indicators non-book material paper, 6 indicators non-paper book material, (visual only), 36 indicators non-paper book material (audiovisual), 6 indicators as indicators of intermediary, 4 indicators as based on library (entrance) and 5 indicators as publications indicators were selected. The indicators results of the first round showed that more than 50% of experts in the selection of 53 indicators, have agreed to hand over these indicators. Overall, this model consists of 4 components which form the structural, systematic and precise measurements per capita for managers, planners and policy makers.
Keyword(s): Iran,models of studying,per capita,reading,studying
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