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Journal:   INFORMATION SYSTEMS & SERVICES   winter-spring 2017 , Volume 6 , Number 1-2 (21-22) #f00629; Page(s) 53 To 66.

Measurement of the quality of library services of Tehran University central library based on LibQual model

Author(s):  Jabbari Leila*, JALALI DIZAJI ALI
* Allameh Tabatabaei University, Tehran, Iran
Purpose: This study was carried to assess the service quality of Central Library at University of Tehran to identify the library services needed to improve. Methodology: In this study, a descriptive survey method was used to collect data. From 31, 000 research population at University of Tehran, 205 users were selected for study sample. LibQual was the tool to measure the different levels of service quality perceptions of library users. Findings: Research findings for service effect criteria showed that the level of received services by users of central library in Tehran University were higher than the users’ minimum expectation, indicating users’ satisfaction. For two criterias of information control and library as place, users were satisfied by service level that was also higher than users’ minimum expectation. The users’ minimum expectation has been provided for all groups of library users for the criteria of service effect. The received services for undergraduate students were lower than their expectation. For the criteria of library as a place, provided services was lower in compare to PhD students’ expectation. The received services by all investigated groups in all 3 criteria have been lower than the maximum expectation level. Credit/Value: The study is important for use of LibQual to distinguish the gap among users perception for Library services and specify strengths and drawbacks of library.
Keyword(s): Assessment of quality,Quality of service,Academic libraries,LibQual,University of Tehran
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