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Journal:   INFORMATION SYSTEMS & SERVICES   summer-fall 2016 , Volume 5 , Number 3-4 (19-20) ; Page(s) 55 To 67.

The role of librarians and Librarianship in the meta-analysis and meta-analysis studies

Author(s):  Dalili Saleh Maliheh*, ZIAEE SORAYA
* Payame Noor University, Mashhad, Iran
Purpose: Systematic review is detailed and gives a comprehensive overview of studies in a specific area to researchers. Meta-analysis is a statistical procedure to combine information obtained from a systematic review investigated. Because of librarians expertise and skills for working and participating in these studies their association seem to be necessary. On the one hand we decided to deal with the role of librarians in the research team of meta-analysis on the other hand to the meta-analysis studies in the field of information by them. Methodology: This study is a librarian research with available study in these area. Findings: In this study we deal with the expressed process of systematic review and meta-analysis research as well as meta-analysis research by the librarians. Conclusion: These studies began in 1966 and since 1999 librarians joined the research team of meta-analysis, as researcher. Librarians with knowledge of the techniques of meta-analysis and ability to use of it and as a objective observer can actively participate in a meta-analysis project. Also in the field of information began in 1992, which were more focused on "information system". Conclusion: Understanding of the role of meta-analysis approach will be useful for future researches in the field of information. The meta-analysis studies on other topics, demonstrating the benefits of this approach in the investigation, so use of loads to improvement of the position of information and knowledge. Researchers in iran have done less to meta-analysis approach in the field of information, the reason for this lack of orientation can be no full and free access to full-text sources. Advances in knowledge analysis and reporting guidelines to improve the quality, scope and application of the results are the meta-analysis benefits and using this approach can be taken for the promotion of information science and knowledge.
Keyword(s): Meta-Analysis,Systematic Review,Information Science,Knowledge
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