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Journal:   JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS   winter 2019 , Volume 12 , Number 43 ; Page(s) 41 To 63.

Institutionalizing of knowledge management in Iranian universities

Author(s):  SADRI ABBAS*
* shahid rajaei university
This study is preliminary based on two main goals. One study on what has happen to Institutionalizing of knowledge management and secondly considering element for to Institutionalizing of knowledge management to a model. This study was conducted through Appling is on the basis of qualitative and grounded theory of research. For achieving such goals، we have used three different techniques: documentary method، focus group and interview. Statistical society of this study comprises faculty members of universities and talented expertise from related field. the focus group including 6 faculty members from universities and we selected 4 faculty members and two expertise in order to conduct deeply consideration through interviews. We have applied the purposive samling. In order to analyses data gained through interview we used Strauss method for coding the data that it was comprises of open coding، axial coding and selective coding. The findings show that Institutionalizing of knowledge management is faced with challenges that we point out 10 crucial challenges and the reason behind of such challenges are due to lack of appropriate organizational culture، lack of specialized bodies، insufficient managerial capabilities and inadequate infrastructures. Subsequently we could identify 3 different captions for Institutionalizing of knowledge management as follow: 1) management 2) organizational culture 3) infrastructure (human resources and supplies and equipment’ s). accordingly، we have provided subtitles for each caption. Such model can play a crucial role in Institutionalizing of knowledge management in Iranian universities. Based upon such model we develop a program for implementation of knowledge management.
Keyword(s): infrastructure,Organizational Culture,Management,Knowledge Management,human resources
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