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Journal:   DESERT ECOSYSTEM ENGINEERING JOURNAL   winter 2019 , Volume 7 , Number 21 ; Page(s) 13 To 32.

The Effect of Climate Fluctuation on Frequency of Dust Storms in Iran

Author(s):  ARAGHINEJAD SHAHAB*, Ansari Ghojghar Mohammad, Pourgholam Amiji Masoud, BAZRAFSHAN JAVAD
* University of Tehran
Extended Abstract Introduction: Different regions have various dust production; and the increase of dust storms illustrates the arid ecosystem dominance in each region. Analyzing and identifying of dust storms and its association with climatic parameters is one of the crucial approaches to reduce the caused damage of this phenomenon. Since besides determining the portion of each climate variables in intensifying the circumstances, it also can play a fundamental role in priorities, macro management policies, and upstream rules in order to control and prevent dust particles. ...
Keyword(s): Mann-Kendall test,Climate Parameters,Dust Storms,SPEI,Spearman Coefficient
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