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Journal:   JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS   winter 2019 , Volume 12 , Number 43 ; Page(s) 7 To 24.

Understanding Power Practice in University Autonomy in Higher Education System of Iran: A Critical Discourse Analysis

In examining and analyzing the nature of university autonomy in higher education systems، evaluation and explanation of the relationship between the two institutions of government and university is of particular importance. As the government interferes and controls the policies of higher education، the university is faced with the challenge of the autonomy of the university. The purpose of this study was to understand and explain how the power institution is present and effective on Iran's higher education. The methodology of this research is influenced by Norman Fairclough approach، "Critical Discourse Analysis". The documents and texts of this study consist of all texts and written and spoken literature on the conditions of university autonomy in Iran. Given the discursive analysis approach، the practical way of collecting data is to review documents. The findings of the research show that the state institution influences all four types of university autonomy in Iran's higher education system through its significant factors. These factors are classified and categorized into three categories: "regulatory and control"، "administrative and legal"، and "financial and educational". Based on the findings of this study، the demands of the trade union and the efforts of the scientific community to overcome the current policies and procedures of exercising power by the state institution on academic autonomy in Iran are strongly suggested. In addition، "moderating political attitudes، " "revising the traditional and state-based view on higher education governance، " and "efforts to revive university autonomy"، are three main strategies for restoring university autonomy in Iran.
Keyword(s): university autonomy,critical discourse analysis,government,Norman Fairclough approach,power
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