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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF RANGE AND DESERT RESEARCH   Spring 2018 , Volume 25 , Number 1 (70) #R00447; Page(s) 170 To 182.

Soil-plant interaction in salt marsh of Korsia region, Darab, southeastern of Fars province

Author(s):  NAJAFI GHIRI M.*, MAHMOODI A., ASKARI SH., Farrokhnejad e.
* range and Watershed Management Department, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Shiraz University, Darab, Iran
Halophytes may change different soil properties and nutrients availability by organic materials addition to soil and soil conservation against erosion agents. Destroying these lands and halophytes may have an undesirable effect on environment. To study the effects of physiographic position, plant variety and plant growth position (sole or under another plant) on soil properties of salt marshes, an investigation was carried out in Korsia region, Darab (Fars province). Soil samples were collected from the beneath of Tamarix aphylla and Salsola rigida (sole and under Tamarix) and between plants with triplicates in two different salt marshes with lowland and piedmont plain positions. Soil properties including particle size distribution, organic matter, pH, EC and equivalent calcium carbonates and nutrients availability including P, K, Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn were determined. Results indicated that lowland had more saline and heavier textured soil and shorter Tamarix aphylla as compared with piedmont plain. Tamarix aphylla increased organic matter, EC, P, K, Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn; however, it had no effect on soil texture and equivalent calcium carbonates. Salsola rigida increased organic matter and its effect on available Mn and Zn was more than other nutrients. Salsola rigida under short Tamarix aphylla did not change soil salinity; while Salsola rigida under long Tamarix aphylla decreased soil salinity. Generally, it seems that organic matter is the most important factor on different plant nutrients availability and soil fertility status of the soils studied. Organic matter affects mobility, precipitation or nutrient uptake by the effect on pH, chelating agent production, nutrient adsorption, and nutrient release due to decomposition and soil physical properties improvement.
Keyword(s): Tamarix aphylla,Salsola rigida,plant nutrients,organic matter,soil texture
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