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Journal:   JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS   fall 2018 , Volume 12 , Number 42 ; Page(s) 173 To 191.

Design and Validation the Model of Educational Services Quality in Iranian Virtual Institutes and Universities

The present study aimed to design and validate a model for assessing the quality of educational services in Iranian virtual universities and institutions. In this research، a combination method including Delphi method and survey method have been used. In the Delphi method، firstly، by studying different models of service quality in general models (such as Servqual، ServoProf، Kano) and the quality of educational services in particular، offer their own model for assessing the quality of educational services in virtual educational institutions. Then، by turning this template into a checklist، this checklist has been provided to 30 educational specialists in the universities، in two stages. After evaluating and analyzing the opinions of the experts in this model، the model was prepared. by turning the model into a questionnaire، a questionnaire was distributed among 246 MBA students of one of the virtual universities in electronic form. The analysis of collected data shows that the proposed model has been approved. To validate the proposed model، the data of the questionnaire were approved by AMOS software using structural equation modeling method. Based on the approved model، it can be claimed that the quality of the training provided، the quality of the behavior of the virtual training expert، the quality of the service delivery system، and the quality of the supported services can be used to assess the quality of the education services. also، content of the curriculum in the education quality section، security of the virtual education system in the quality of the education system، the responsiveness of the quality and the behavior of the virtual education expert and the coordination between the teacher and the student in the education services support section is most important.
Keyword(s): Educational services quality,Quality of provided education,Quality of service delivery system,Perceived support quality,Virtual universities of Iran
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