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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY   spring 2018 , Volume 4 , Number 2 (serial 14); Page(s) 79 To 86.

Congestion Estimation of Router Input Ports in Network-on-Chip for Efficient Virtual Allocation

Author(s):  Ramezanzad Ali, RESHADI MIDIA*, Reza Akram
* Department of Computer Engineering, Science and Research Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Effective and congestion-aware routing is vital to the performance of network-onchip. The efficient routing algorithm undoubtedly relies on the considered selection strategy. If the routing function returns a number of more than one permissible output ports, a selection function is exploited to choose the best output port to reduce packets latency. In this paper, we introduce a new selection strategy that can be used in any adaptive routing algorithm. The intended selection function is named Modified-Neighbor-on-Path, the purpose of that is handling the condition of hesitation happening when the routing function provides a set of acceptable output ports. In fact, number of inquiries that each router has sent to its neighbors in determined past cycles is a new parameter that can be combined with number of free slots of adjacent nodes in the latest selection function named Neighbor-on-Path. Performance analysis is performed by using exact simulation tools under different traffic scenarios. Outcomes show how the proposed selection function applied to West-first and North-last routing algorithms outperforms in average delay up to 20 percent on maximum and an acceptable improvement in total energy consumption.
Keyword(s): Network-on-chip(NoC),Modified-Neighbor-on-Path(MNoP),adaptive routing,selection strategy,performance analysis,congestion,contention,selection function,routing,Neighbor-on-Path (NoP)
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