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Journal:   JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS   fall 2018 , Volume 12 , Number 42 #M00546; Page(s) 59 To 76.

Comparative study of explanation the framework for assessment the quality of research in Irans higher education system with the countries of Britain, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy and Hong Kong

The purpose of this study is to explain and compare the frameworks and indicators for assessing the quality of research in higher education institutions of Iran with some of the leading countries in the world such as England، Australia، the Netherlands، Italy and Hong Kong. This research is a comparative study based on the John Stuart Mill's Pattern that compares the similarities and differences between the indicators of research activities in these countries with Iran. Leading and successful countries in this area were targeted in terms of access to existing documents. The results of comparative studies indicate that all of the studied samples agree on the two criteria of "assessment outcomes of research" and "income generation"، In this way، all the studied universities except Iran paid attention to "citation analysis and peer review". "The effectiveness of research" in the universities of England and Australia، the Netherlands and Hong Kong is considered as one of the most important criteria for measuring quality as Scientifically، economic، social، cultural، political، health and environment to improving the quality of life of the community. Existing documents show that comprehensive indicators and metrics are not used to evaluate the research quality according to different subject areas. Therefore، we need extensive research to measure the research impact with strong and accurate indicators within the country.
Keyword(s): Faculty Member,research quality,research impact,research assessment
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