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Journal:   JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS   fall 2018 , Volume 12 , Number 42 #M00546; Page(s) 25 To 38.

The Systematic Analysis of Multicultural Education in Iran

* Shahid Beheshti University
The purpose of this study was to analyze multicultural education in Iran. For this purpose، the combined research method has been used. Firstly، in a qualitative research study، the criteria for optimal multicultural education were extracted. These criteria were categorized into four main elements (goal، content، teaching methodology، evaluation) and 9 sub-elements and 50 sub-axes among the interviewees with outstanding scholars and educators Multiculturalism was achieved. Then، the criteria were extracted in a questionnaire and confirmed by five multicultural education specialists. By this questionnaire، the gap between the optimal situation of multicultural education and the status of this education in Iran was measured. Thus، 150 second-grade teachers in 2012 in Markazi province، with cluster sampling method، 60 experts and writers in high school with random sampling method and 16 multi-purpose education multi-purpose educators selected by targeted sampling method and responded to questionnaire questions. The results show that all three groups believe that the multicultural curriculum situation in Iran is lower than the average for each of the four main elements and the additional elements compared to the desired multicultural desirability of the program. But the views of teachers and authors of the book are in terms of purpose، content and teaching methods different from those of multicultural education. Data analysis shows that teachers and writers of middle-level textbooks are more positive in terms of goals، content، and teaching methods than they are in comparison with multi-cultural education professionals.
Keyword(s): Multicultural Education,Curriculum,Elements of Curriculum,authors
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