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Journal:   PHILOSOPHICAL INVESTIGATIONS   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 14 , Number 34 #p00529; Page(s) 155 To 189.

The Study of Aesthetic and Non-aesthetic Notions Based on Frank Sibley’ s Aesthetic Thoughts

Author(s):  Delavarian Haniyeh, SHAYEGANFAR NADER*
* Department of Art, Art University of Isfahan, Iran
The history of aesthetics contains basics and principles which have impacted on our perception of art. What is obvious is that the non-universal and non-general criteria are inter-subjective. In fact, the novel and main achievements of Frank Sibley, as a contemporary English philosopher (1923-96), when aesthetics was still under the influence of the New Idealism, were directed towards challenging these criteria for the purpose of introducing and analyzing aesthetic notions and features. One vital component in Sibley’ s thoughts is the distinction he makes between daily and artistic notions. Actually, the main reason behind his fame is the very distinction he made under the titles “ aesthetic notions” and “ non-aesthetic notions” , by which he enters the realm of analytic aesthetics. Sibley’ s approach in presenting aesthetic examples includes the use of the critical discourse for the evaluation of artistic works by applying bi-functional expressions used in both art and daily discourse. According to what mentioned and the fact that Sibley used aesthetic and non-aesthetic functions, the current paper seeks to study the aesthetic field with emphasis on Sibley’ s aesthetic teachings and by using examples and evidence, while introducing aesthetic notions in relation to non-aesthetic ones in order to clarify his views in this regard.
Keyword(s): Frank Sibley,Aesthetic Notions,Non-aesthetic Notions,Taste,Balance
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