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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY   Spring 2018 , Volume 4 , Number 4; Page(s) 209 To 218.

Network Investigation and Performance Analysis of ZigBee Technology Using OPNET

Author(s):  Adaramola Ojo Jayeola*, Olasina Jamiu Rotimi
* Department of Computer Engineering, Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro,Ogun State, Nigeria
Communication has become inevitably part of our day to day activities, in academic, business, banking, and other sectors. It has therefore become so important to implement good and efficient communication system. A reference point according to this research is the wireless sensor networking (WSN) system, and most important thing in communication is to be free from interference, attenuation, crosstalk, and fading. Any of these factors is a serious problem in communication system. To solve these problems, mobile and fixed nodes networks were considered for efficient operation of WSN when ZigBee technology was employed and designed using the OPNET when certain network parameters: Throughput (bits/s), load (bits/s), and end-to end delay (second) parameters from fixed and mobile networks were compared and considered for smooth operation of WSN that is free from interference, attenuation, crosstalk and fading. The network investigation and performance analysis of fixed and mobile networks were based on tree, star and mesh topologies between the two systems. After considering all the parameters for various analyses, the fixed network was considered the most suitable over the mobile network for WSN.
Keyword(s): Network Parameters,OPNET,Topology,Wireless Sensor Network,ZigBee
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