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Journal:   RENEWABLE NATURAL RESOURCES RESEARCH   spring-summer 2017 , Volume 8 , Number 1 (27) ; Page(s) 79 To 91.

Effect of Cinnamomum zelanicum Powder on Survival, Growth Indices and Chemical Composition of Common Carp Muscle

Author(s):  Bertina Solmaz, Cheleh Mal Dezfooli Nezhad Mojdeh*
* Department of Fisheries, Ahvaz Azad University, ahvaz, Iran
In this research, the effects of dietary cinnamomum zelanicum (Cinnamomum zelanicum) on the chemical composition of Cyprinus carpio muscle were investigated. 240 specimens of common carp with initial average weight of 11. 14 ± 1. 2-12 g were seperate in four treatments of 0, 5, 10 and 15 g cinnamon powder per kg diet. Findings were done in three replicates for 60 days in 12 fiberglass tanks with capacity of 135 liters. At the beginning and the end of the experimnt, 10 specimens were selected for determination of growth indices (specific growth rate, relative growth rate, weight gain, length, feed conversion ratio, protein efficiency ratio) and chemical composition (moisture, protein, Fat, fiber and ash). Most of the growth indices including weight gain, length increase, relative growth rate, specific growth percent and protein yield ratio were significantly increased in fish fed with diet containing 10 g kg-1 of cinnamon powder (P<0. 05). The survival rate of the fish was high and the highest survival rate of fish was in the treatment of 10 g kg-1 cinnamon powder. Analysis of chemical composition showed that the highest mean protein and moisture content of the treatments were in the treatment of 10 g kg-1 of cinnamon powder and the highest mean of muscle fat and carbohydrate in the control treatment. There was no significant difference between mean of fiber and ash content among treatments (P> 0. 05). According to the present results, the addition of 10 gr cinnamon per kg diet is recommended for common carp.
Keyword(s): Chemical composition,Cinnamon powder,Common carp,Growth and survival factors
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