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Journal:   RENEWABLE NATURAL RESOURCES RESEARCH   spring-summer 2017 , Volume 8 , Number 1 (27) ; Page(s) 13 To 23.

Investigation of Changes of Production and Utilization of Artemisia sieberi in Steppe Rangelands of Khoshkeh Rood – Saveh

* Agricultural and Natural Resources, Research and Education Center, AREEO, Yazd, IraN
In order to study changes of production and utilization of Artemisia sieberi at growth season and grazing season, the site of Khoshkerood-e-Saveh, which is indicator of steppe rangelands, was selected. To evaluate the vegetative and productive characteristics and forage consumption by livestock at different stages of plant phonology, this experiment was carried out during 2010-2012 years. Thus remaining amount of forage grazing was harvested until a month intervals, and consumption rate was determined by subtraction between harvested forage and fenced plot forage. Finally, in order to study the effect of harvest months on the production and consumption under investigation in the study area, data were analyzed. The results showed that production has fluctuated during different rainfall. Year 2011 produced more forage than the average (119 kg ha) of about 8 percent higher and year 2010 produced the lowest yield: i. e., 10% lower than the average. This species share in rangeland production was high and on average four years, about 21 percent of rangeland forage was produced by A. sieberi. In average three-year, peak rangeland production was in April (vegetation stage) and has decreased in June (vegetation stage). On average, 51 percent of production was grazed by livestock along grazing year. Greater share of rangeland forage consumed in November (seeding stage) and drying time of plant and in April At the start of vegetative growth. Artemisia almost grazed in autumn and Early Spring. Due to the considerable consumption by livestock and produce high of this species, is a good source of forage in winter pastures. According to fluctuation of production in different years, long-term average of good production is recommended to be considered in the codification of management plans.
Keyword(s): Artemisia sieberi,Production,Range management,Steppe rangelands
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