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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING KNOWLEDGE AND MANAGEMENT AUDITING   fall 2016 , Volume 5 , Number 19 #b00496; Page(s) 105 To 116.

Review of Fars province's industrial managers willingness to implementing kaizen management model

Author(s):  RAHMANI HALIMEH, Rajabdoory Hossein*, Roosta Meymandi Azam
* Hafez non profit institution of higher education, Shiraz, Iran
Kaizen is one of the continuous improvement patterns that avoiding stagnation and encouraging continuous efforts to achieve the goals are its purpose. This paper aims to review the Fars province industrial management willingness to applying kaizen management model. This study is a survey-functional research. Twenty-kaizen principles were used to designing the questionnaire. The sample comprised of 52 Industry managers of Fars province. The SPSS software was used for analyzing the results of the study, . The hypotheses were tested using t-student test with a p-value of 95%. The results show that the Fars province industrial managers adhere to the twenty-kaizen principles. The conclusions indicate that managers intend to implement the kaizen.
Keyword(s): kaizen,continuous improvement,Strategic Management Accounting,industrial management,Fars province
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