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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC POLICY IN MANAGEMENT   spring 2018 , Volume 9 , Number 29 ; Page(s) 83 To 100.

Identification of Barriers for Establishment of Electronic Human Resource Management (Mixed research)

Author(s):  ERFANIAN KHANZADEH HAMID*, khaki iman
* department of public administration, MASHHAD AZAD UNIVERSITY, MASHHAD, IRAN
Background: In Iran, developments in the administrative system, especially in the field of human resources, have been less successful, and the establishment of the EHRM as a human resource development program is one of those programs. Experts say that neglecting the factors affecting the establishment of EHRM can prevent it from its establishment. Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to identify the barriers to the establishment of electronic human resource management via Q methodology and reviewing the status of Khorasan Razavi government agencies in order for preparation for the establishment of EHRM. Methods: The present study is an exploratory mixed research project. In the qualitative section to identify barriers to literature review, thematic analysis and Delphi technique were the basis for collecting the data. In the quantitative section, by means of researcher-made questionnaire, the readiness of the establishment of electronic human resources management in the was measured. The purpose of this research is descriptive in terms of content and purpose-wise this study is applied research. The statistical population of this research consists of all human resources managers and experts responsible for governmental organizations in Khorasan Razavi province with total number of 1100 people. 145 individuals were selected randomly. Results: The results of the research indicate that all four categories of cultural, structural, technological and strategic barriers affect the establishment of EHRM. Conclusion: The results of the research indicate this matter that the structure is the decisive factor of each change, in other words, it affects both changes and it is affected by the change itself. In this research, structural barriers were considered as well. Therefore, it is recommended that at first, the senior management of the organization declare their support for establishment of the EHRM in an official meeting. Furthermore, by establishing Human Resources Assistance (correspondingly it is a government decree) instead of managing human resources in the organization, promote the status of the department. The structure can be transformed from a solid and bureaucratic state to an adaptive structure by means of downsizing. Consequently, this will provide the background for eliminating other barriers.
Keyword(s): Information Technology,Human Resource Management,Electronics.Government organizations
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