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Journal:   JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL AND THEORETICAL CHEMISTRY   fall 2017 , Volume 14 , Number 3; Page(s) 237 To 249.

Enhanced removal of Bismark Brown (BB) dye from aqueous solutions using activated carbon from raw Ziziphusspina-christi (ZSAC) Equilibrium, thermodynamic and kinetics

Author(s):  Koohmareh A., Vatankhah G.H.*
* Department of Chemical Engineering, Bushehr Azad University, Bushehr, Iran
In this study, carbon was easily made from walnut wood as a low-cost and non-toxic natural adsorbent. Ziziphusspina-christi (ZSAC), an excellent adsorbent, were successfully synthesized by an in chemical vapor deposition method and used for the removal of Bismark Brown(BB) dye from aqueous solution. The as-synthesized Ziziphusspina-christi (ZSAC) were characterized by FT-IR technique. Various operational parameters such as pH, initial dye concentration and contact time in batch systems were investigated on the use of Ziziphusspina-christi (ZSAC). Equilibrium data obtained have been fitted to the Langmuir, Freundlich, Tempkin, and Dubinin– Radushkevich adsorption isotherms. Langmuir isotherm best fits the experimental results. Kinetic modeling of pseudo-first order and pseudo-second order showed that the pseudo-second order equation was the most appropriate for the description of Bismark Brown(BB) dye adsorption by (ZSAC). The maximum sorption capacity qmax in Langmuir isotherm of (BB) 35. 88 mg/g showed onto (ZSAC), The overall adsorption process was exothermic and spontaneous in nature. The thermodynamic functions (Δ Sº , Δ Hº , Δ Gº ) of the studied reaction are calculated using activated complex theory and show that adsorption (BB) dye onto (ZSAC) process requires heat. The results indicated that Bismark Brown (BB) adsorption onto Ziziphusspina-christi (ZSAC)might be a physical adsorption.
Keyword(s): Bismark Brown (BB),Isotherm,Kinetic,thermodynamic,Ziziphusspina-christi (ZSAC)
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