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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC POLICY IN MANAGEMENT   spring 2018 , Volume 9 , Number 29 ; Page(s) 17 To 31.

Investigation on the Effecting Components on Collaborative E-Government Policies

* science and research AZAD UNIVERSITY of tehran
Background: The presence of collaborative policies in public sector will increase public collaboration and increase confidence in the government. One of the methods of collaborative policy-making is the utilization of collaborative e-government. In general, it is pursuing optimal public services, which relies on the interaction and the cooperative communication between the government, and citizens seeking to increase public collaboration, accountability, transparency, improvement in decision-making quality, the provision of public services is generally optimal. This method is directly related to the policies of Article 44 of constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Purpose: This applied research intends to clarify the concept of collaborative e-government to determine the impact of cultural and technological components on e-government via case study in the judicial system. Methods: Initially, identification of the required data and items via literature review and Delphi's research method. Additionally, the questions related to the cultural and technological components were confirmed through interviews and questionnaires with experts and executives. Furthermore, the final questionnaire was distributed among the population 112 people. Validity of the questionnaire was measured via confirmatory factor analysis and structural equations modeling was utilized for hypothesis testing. Results: The confirmatory path analysis with respect to standard coefficients and significant numbers is approved at a significant level of 0. 05, which indicates that all of these assumptions are confirmed. Conclusion: The results confirm the two hypotheses in the collaborative policies of the judicial system, and the cultural and technological components, respectively, had the most impact on the collaborative e-government of the justice system.
Keyword(s): E-government,Collaborative,Policy,Effective Components
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