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Journal:   RENEWABLE NATURAL RESOURCES RESEARCH   spring 2016 , Volume 7 , Number 1 (sERIAL NUMBEr 23) ; Page(s) 55 To 65.

Effective Factors on Receives of Winter Range Management in Malekshahi, Ilam Province

* Department of Natural Resources and Watershed Ilam, Ilam, Iran
There are some reasons that have made natural resources conservation plans unsuccessful. Lack of cooperation of local communities, passive approach in natural resources management, paucity of local base of plans, lack of participation of beneficiaries and lobbies in decision-making, are the reasons that have made these plans frustrated. The aim of this effort is to find out “ Why some of graze exploiters in Malekshahi are enthusiastic in participating in grazing management plans while some of them are not? ” This study was scrolling from supervision and field control but descriptive – scrolling from data collection point of views. Statistical society is including all graze exploiters of Malekshahi that are 251person. Data gathering was done using questionnaire and the sample size was simple-random based on Morgan-Takman table. Factor analysis showed that managerial, economic, information – communicative, education – promulgating and cultural are the most effective factors respectively.
Keyword(s): Factor analysis,Psychological,Range management plans,Cooperation,Malekshahi
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