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Journal:   RENEWABLE NATURAL RESOURCES RESEARCH   spring 2016 , Volume 7 , Number 1 (sERIAL NUMBEr 23) #g00634; Page(s) 11 To 22.

Survey on the Effects of Pre-heat Treatment on the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Particleboard

* Wood Science and Technology Department, Science and Research Azad University, Tehran, Iran
This study was carried out to assess the effects of pre-heat treatment on the wood particle Carpinus betulus marked one-layer particleboard and to increase the dimensional stability, to decrease water absorption and to improve mechanical properties. For this purpose horn beam wood-particle were with the steaming system of temperature 160° C time of 20, 40 pre-heat treatment the steam. Then the one-layer particleboard that was by 6% phenol formaldehyde was introduced by hot press one laboratory. After particleboards production, physical and mechanical properties in water absorption, thickness swelling, MOR, MOE, internal bonding (IB) panels were measured and analyzed. The results showed that physical property, thickness swelling, and the water absorption, pre-heat treatment panels in 2 and 24 hours immersing in water, effect per-heat treatment on the 2 hours water absorption was not significant. But water absorption in 24 hours was decreased to 65. 65 to 77. 60% then (92. 31%) untreatment. The results indicated effect pre-heat treatment on the MOR was significant. So, at the time of 20 min MOE 2221. 40 MPa was increased. But treatment the time 40 min 2046 MPa was decreased not significant. Pre-heat treatment was increase internal bond (IB) 0. 618, 0. 514 MPa significant.
Keyword(s): Particleboard,Pre-heat treatment,Physical properties,Mechanical properties
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