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Journal:   JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLITICS   winter 2019 , Volume 14 , Number 38 #m00563; Page(s) 117 To 140.

The basis of civil liability of athletes in relation to subjects of sporting rights

Author(s):  YOUSEFI SADEGHLOO AHMAD*, Nasir Mozhgan
* Science and Research Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Law is widespread science that apply in all aspects of human’ s life and the discussion of responsibility is the main topics that is related to the law, at all the law is created for responding to responsibility. Responsibility consists of all dimensions and situations of human’ s life as far as enter the sports industry that too many people working in this field as professional or unprofessional. Sport is inseparable from incident and there is possibility to adduction spiritual and financial and reputational damages all persons related to sports law in the event of an accident and this topic cause to announce different types of liability claims including civil, responsibility against prejudicial in jurisdictions, which includes issues and theories. In fact, the responsibility will encompass all aspects of human’ s life in order to determine prejudicial, and giving back injured’ s right to him and accordingly no harm should remain uncompensated. In this essay writer has reviewed the civil liability of athletes for sports events and determined that in which situation sports events cause responsibility for athletes and in which cases absolve them from responsibility and also defensive adductions defendant against the injured person have been investigated and most cases is tried to survey cases and votes related to sport.
Keyword(s): Harm,Responsibility,sports events,civil responsibility,athletes
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